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An English Lesson 2 - The Language of Red
The Language of Red

Blood-red: dark red, like blood
Brick red: a brownish red colour
Eric the Red: (950?-1001?) a Norwegian sailor who discovered Greenland in about 981
Infra-red: TP infra-red light gives out heat but cannot be seen
The Little Red Book: a small book with a red cover, printed in China and containing many sayings from the speeches and writings of the Chinese leader Mao Zedung
Red Ridinghood: a character in the old children's story Little Red Riding Hood, who is a young girl. In the story the Big Bad Wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother and puts on her clothes. When Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her grandmother she is surprised by her appearance and says, "Oh, Grandma, what big teeth you have!", and the wolf replies, "All the better to eat you with" and swallows Little Red Riding Hood. A woodcutter (=someone whose job is to cut down trees) kills the wolf, cuts open its stomach, and saves Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

The Red Army: the army of the former Soviet Union. This was its official name from 1918 until 1946, but people still used the name Red Army after that
The Red Arrows: a team of specially trained pilots in the British air force, who fly small fighter planes and do aerobatics (=special tricks and movements in the air) to entertain people
The Red Baron: the nickname of Baron von Richtofen
The Red Berets: a popular name for the parachute division of the British army. They are called this because of the red berets (=soft hats) that are part of their uniform.
Red Blood Cell (Red corpuscle): one of the cells in your blood that carry oxygen to every part of your body
red card: DSF a red card held up by the referee in a football match, to show that a player has done something against the rules and will not be allowed to play for the rest of the game
The Red Cross: an international organization that helps people who are suffering as a result of war, floods, disease etc
Red flag: something that shows or warns you that something might be wrong, illegal etc
Red giant: a large star that is near the middle of its life and shines with a reddish light
Red herring: a fact or idea that is not important but is introduced to take your attention away from the points that are important
Red Leicester: a type of orange-coloured English cheese
Red meat: dark coloured meat such as beef or lamb
Red Nose Day: a day every year on which a lot of money is collected in Britain for people who need help in the UK and other countries. Red Nose Day is organized by the charity organization Comic Relief, and people often wear plastic red noses or put them on the front of their cars to show their support.
red pepper: a red vegetable which you can eat raw or use in cooking; a spicy red powder used in cooking
a long river in the south of the US, which forms part of the border between the states of Oklahoma and Texas

The Red River: a long river in the south of the US, which forms part of the border between the states of Oklahoma and Texas
The Red Scare: a series of actions by the US government in 1919-20, against people who were believed to be Communists.
The Red Sea: a sea which separates Egypt, the Sudan, and Ethiopia from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is joined to the Mediterranean Sea by the Suez Canal, and is used by many ships. According to the story in the Old Testament of the Bible, God made a path for Moses and the Israelites through the Red Sea, by separating it into two parts, so that they could walk across the ground and escape from Egypt, where they had been prisoners.
Red Square: the large square (=a broad, open area in a town) in the centre of Moscow, famous especially for the military processions that took place there on May Day when Moscow was the capital of the Soviet Union. The buildings in Red Square include St Basil's Cathedral and the Tomb of Lenin.
Red tape: official rules that seem unnecessary and prevent things from being done quickly and easily
Red-faced: embarrassed or ashamed
Red-hot: 1 a) metal or rock that is red-hot is so hot that it shines red; b) informal very hot. 2 (informal) extremely active, exciting, or interesting: a red-hot news story
Red-letter day: a day that you will always remember because something special happened that made you very happy
Red-top: a British newspaper that has its name in red at the top of the front page. Red-tops have a lot of readers, but are not considered to be as serious as other newspapers.
Pillar-box red: a very bright red colour
Red alert: a warning that there is very great danger

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