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An English Lesson 3 - The Language of White
The Language of White

White - having the colour of milk, salt, or snow
Whte Christmas -
a Christmas when there is snow
Black and White - showing pictures or images only in black, white, and grey
Great White Way - a nickname for Broadway in New York City, which is called this because of the large number of bright lights along it
Lily-white - 1. pure white; 2 (informal) morally perfect
Non-white - someone who does not belong to a white race
Off-white - a white colour that has some yellow or grey in it
Snow White - the main character in a fairy tale called Snow White, who is a beautiful princess who has a jealous stepmother. The stepmother sends Snow White into the forest to be killed. Snow White does not die, but goes to live with seven dwarfs (=imaginary creatures like very small men). Her stepmother then tries to kill her with a poisoned apple, but instead of dying she goes to sleep until a prince kisses her and wakes her. There is a famous Walt Disney cartoon film based on the story, made in the 1930s.
Snow-white - pure white

White blood cell (white corpuscle) - one of the cells in your blood which fights against infection
White dwarf - a hot star, near the end of its life, that is more solid but less bright than the sun
White flag - a sign that you accept that you have failed or been defeated
White goods - equipment used in the home, for example washing machines and refrigerators
White horses - waves in the sea or on a lake that are white at the top
White House - the official home in Washington DC of the President of the US
White magic - magic used for good purposes
White meat - the pale-coloured meat from the breast, wings etc of a cooked chicken, turkey, or other bird
White Nile - a river which flows from Lake Victoria in East Africa to Khartoum in Sudan, where it joins the Blue Nile. Both rivers then become the Nile, which flows through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.
White, Pearl - (1889-1938) a US actress who worked in silent films. She is famous as the girl who was always left in a dangerous situation at the end of each part of several cinema serials, for example being tied to a railway line by the villain when a train is coming.

White pepper - a white powder made from the crushed inside of a peppercorn, which gives a slightly spicy taste to food
White Rabbit - a character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. He keeps looking at his watch because he is late, and disappearing down rabbit holes.
White sauce - a thick white liquid made of flour, milk, and butter, which can be eaten with meat and vegetables
White water - a part of a river that looks white because the water is running very quickly over rocks

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