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An English Lesson 4 - The Language of Green
The Language of Green

Greenhaving the colour of grass or leaves
Green fruit/plant - not yet ready to be eaten, or very young
Green - without experience, young and lacking experience
Green - someone who belongs to or supports a political party which thinks the protection of the environment is very important
Green bean - a long thin green vegetable which is picked before the beans inside it grow
Green belt - an area of land around a city where building is not allowed, in order to protect fields and woods
Green Berets, the - a special group of soldiers in the Army who wear green hats. They are officially called the Special Forces, and are trained to fight in difficult conditions.
Green card - a document that a foreigner must have in order to work legally in the US
Green light - give somebody/something the green light to allow a project, plan etc to begin
Green onion = spring onion - an onion with a small white round part and a long green stem, usually eaten raw
Green Party, the - a political party whose main aim is to preserve the environment. There are Green Parties in most countries of western Europe, and their members are often informally called Greens
Green tea - light-coloured tea made from leaves that have been heated with steam, especially popular in eastern Asia
Pea green - a light green colour
Sea-green - bluish-green

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