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An English Lesson 5 - The Language of Black
Black - having the darkest colour, like coal or night.
Black humour -  making jokes about serious subjects, especially death.
Black day -  sad and without hope for the future.
Black belt  - a high rank in sports such as judo and karate

be in the Black - to have money in your bank account [≠ be in the red]
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep - a  nursery rhyme (=old song or poem for young children) The rhyme goes: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep,/ Have you any wool?/Yes, sir, yes, sir/ Three bags full./ One for the master,/ One for the dame,/ and one for the little boy/ who lives down the lane.
Black Africa - the part of Africa below the  Sahara Desert, where most of the people are black
Black and white - showing pictures or images only in black, white, and grey
Black and white -  considering things in a way that is too simple and as if things are either completely good or completely bad
Black box - a piece of equipment on an aircraft that records what happens on a flight and can be used to discover the cause of accidents
Black Forest Gateau - a cake made with chocolate,  cherries, and cream

Black comedy - a play, story etc that is funny, but also shows the unpleasant side of human life
Black economy - business activity that takes place secretly, especially in order to avoid tax

Black gold - oil
Black hole - an area in outer space into which everything near it, including light, is pulled
Black magic - magic that is believed to use the power of the Devil for evil purposes
Black Maria - a vehicle used by the police to carry prisoners
Black Monday 1 - 19 October 1987, the day on which share prices on the stock exchange suddenly fell by a large amount, and many people lost a lot of money
Black Monday 2 - 28 October 1929, the day on which share prices on the Stock Exchange suddenly fell by a large amount, leading to the Great Depression of the 1930s
Black pepper - pepper made from crushed seeds from which the dark outer covering has not been removed the Black Sea - a large sea that is surrounded
the Black Sea - a large sea that is surrounded by land, and is between Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia

Black sheep - someone who is regarded by other members of their family or group as a failure or embarrassment.
Black widow - a very poisonous type of spider that is black with red marks
Категория: Образование | Добавил: jivi (09.10.2009) | Автор: Живка Петрова
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